Setup Exception Error causing parity error 
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 Setup Exception Error causing parity error

When trying to install SQL 6.5 on my NT 4.0 (svr 3), the setup.exe produces
an Exception error.

I reviewed the error log in SQL and found that it "Failed to obtain
Transaction Dispenser Interface: XACT_E_TMNOTAVAILABLE".

When I leave the machine alone for a few hours, the system halts.  Giving a
parity error as the cause.  I know SQL is the source of the problem, since
I have been chasing it four about a month.  I have done everything to the
machine thinkable and found a bad record in the SQL.  I am trying to
reinstall SQL to possibly cure the system halts.

Is there a reason for this error that I am not aware of?  Could NT also not
properly be installed or has been damaged as well as SQL?

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Sun, 02 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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