SQL 6.5, Backup Exec 7.0 build 697, Service pack 4, SP4 
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 SQL 6.5, Backup Exec 7.0 build 697, Service pack 4, SP4

Haven't seen this, but then I don't use BackupExec.  You need to be talking to
Seagate.  SQL native backups work fine with SP4 so it must be a BackupExec/NT
specific thing

> I was hoping one of you might be able to help me out with this weird
> problem... I've recently installed NT SP4 on our SQL 6.5SP4 server... I have
> another server, also running NT SP4, which uses Backup Exec 7.0 build 697 to
> back up the various servers & SQL database onto a DLT drive... Eversince
> we've upgraded the SQL server with NT SP4, occasionally SQL will start
> behaving strangely while the backup server is backing up the dump... When I
> come in in the morning, Backup Exec is stuck on backing up the SQL server,
> and won't budge. In the current activity screen on the SQL server, you can
> see Backup Exec grabbing a hold of the dump, but killing it is impossible to
> do... in fact, it makes things even worse, and a reboot is pretty much
> imminent.  Has anyone else experienced these symptoms yet?  If so, I'd very
> much appreciate a response!

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Sat, 12 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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