(0x80040E14) Syntax error in UPDATE statement. 
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 (0x80040E14) Syntax error in UPDATE statement.

Here's my code:

' If the Needs field is set to true the user has modified their
information and
        ' is requesting to update it.  Take the form variables and create a
SQL UPDATE statement
        ' from that info.
        If Request.Form("Needs") = "true" Then
                strSQL =        " UPDATE Needs SET " & _
                                " FA_Assess = " & request.form("TxtAssess") & " , " & _
                                " WHERE TblTeachers.TchSSN =" & Session(USER_ID)

                ' Create a command object to execute the query          
                set cmd = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
                with cmd
                        ' set the connection
                        .ActiveConnection = conn
                        ' give the object the update statement
                        .CommandText = strSQL
                        ' execute the statement against the database
                end with
                ' destroy the command object
                set cmd = nothing
        End IF

**Here's the form:

<input type="text" name="TxtAssess"
value="<%=rs.Fields("FA_Assess").Value%>" size="1">

Please, I'm really new at this and I'm learning by trial and error but
lately it's been mostly error.  What am i doing wrong?  The field i'm
trying to update is a numeric field.



Sun, 19 Sep 2004 06:01:03 GMT
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