Error Message "Not Enough Memory" 
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 Error Message "Not Enough Memory"

Dear everyone,

Can anyone help me to solve this problem ?

I have a machine with 1GB RAM, 2 GB hardisk space and have Win2K, Office 2K
and SQL 7 with SP 2 installed.

I created a pivot table which is directly connected to OLAP database to
retrieve data from an 52MB cube. I included Region (3 levels down), and
Product Number on the column header, and est. 25 measures on the rows
header. The pivot table response well on this layout. BUT, when I drag the
product category into column header, it will hit the error "Not Enough
Memory" after reading approx. 350000 rows of records from Olap source.

As for the design of this cube, please understand that the product category
and product number are from the same dimension table, and I created these
two as physical dimension separately. I'm not sure if this is the reason it
hit the error.

Please help me if anyone do happen to know. Tell me if you have any links
that  can find good resources for Microsoft OLAP Server too. Thank you very


Mon, 13 Oct 2003 19:06:48 GMT
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