Master, msdb and model (old version and new version) i need old version 
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 Master, msdb and model (old version and new version) i need old version

Hi, again
With explanation of Ron, i attach databases, recovering it
and create a new mantainment jobs.
But there are many diferences with systems databases with:
master, msdb and model.
Could i take the old version master, msdb and model and
replace it the new version?
Thanks for your help.


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Try using sp_attach_db to attach the .mdf and .ldf files
as a database

Ron Talmage
SQL Server MVP

Hi, all
When a said there is a customers that he had the following
situation: His WINDOWS NT4 and SQL7.0 CRASHED, and the
Local System Admin have a "Good a Ideal": Reinstal the
Windows NT Server but He doesnt install a SQL 7.0.
..There arent backup from databases.
..I copy the c:\msql7\data to other Backup folder.
..There are only physical files(.mdf and .ldf).
I will go to Install a SQL Server 7.0 and I would like
recovery the database and his log.
How can I do this?
What tools i need use? or,
If I create a database and log files, could you keep
(target) the olds files in another folders?, The SQL7.0
accept the news files with data?
Thanks for your help.

Mon, 25 Apr 2005 17:06:34 GMT
 Master, msdb and model (old version and new version) i need old version

Hi Jansen,

Per your previous post, you want to use the old system databases to replace
the new system databases, such as master, model, msdb and so on. If I
understand you correctly, please refer to the following Knowledge Base (KB)
article: Q224071 INF: Moving SQL Server Databases to a New Location with

Please make sure that you perform these operations after you have backed up
these system databases and the user databases.


Linda Deng
Microsoft Corporation

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Fri, 29 Apr 2005 10:28:00 GMT
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