Problem with filters and join filters in merge replication 
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 Problem with filters and join filters in merge replication

When I try to implement merge replication during the creation of initial
snapshot I get errors 50007 or 448 (more then 256 tables in some merge
replication view, I can't copy contXXXXXXXXX table, and similar). I found in
TechNet and Microsoft web that this is bug with merge replication in SQL
server 7.0 servis pack 2, but I have it with SQL server 2000 beta 2 too.
They tell that there is some fix s70858.exe for SQL server 7.0  I don't now
how to get it. Is this problem solve in final version of SQL server 2000 and
if not how can i get fix for SQL server 2000. Microsoft tell that reason for
bug is when you use lot of filters and join filters, merge replication
during creation of merge replication create some tables and if in it is to
much filters this bug heppened. Is there is some round away trick to awoid
this bug.

Help in advance.

Thu, 27 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT
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