How to allow 2 different domains to see each others SQL Server 
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 How to allow 2 different domains to see each others SQL Server

Current research point:

- 2 NT domains on a WAN; eg. calgary and edmonton
- SQL Server 6.5 is installed on the server for calgary (called
srvcalgary), and the server for edmonton (called srvedmonton), both running
mixed logins
- in SQL Executive running on calgary's srvcalgary server, if I try to
register srvedmonton (using either trusted or regular security) I get an
error indicating it couldn't locate a SQL Server of that name
-BUT,  if I use Network Neighborhood to drill down and display edmonton's
srvdemonton it asks me to login to the other site's domain - I do so using
an admin account.  Now if I go to SQL Executive and try to register
srvedmonton on the sql server for srvcalgary it will let me do this using
either trusted or standard security
- if I then logoff srvcalgary entirely and relogon and run SQL Executive,
srvedmonton will still show up in the registered servers list but I am not
able to access it

Overview of the problem:

I would like someone in the calgary domain to run an application and allow
that application (using 2 odbc connections) to get data from both the
srvedmonton SQL Server db as well as the srvcalgary SQL Server db (and visa
versa).  Until I can figure out how to get each domain to see the other's
db I am at a loss.  We want the users, once logged into NT, to be able to
run the application and see any data from any of the SQL Server dbs on the
domains that they are entitled to see without having to do any more logging
in (either to NT or SQL Server).  Using db replication isn't appropriate -
both sites have discrete information that is not to be combined.

Any help appreciated!
Susan Mc

Systems Analyst - CLIEMS   |   A founding member of
DKW Systems Corporation   |  Ocicats Anonymous...

Sat, 28 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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