Which drivers for Access 7.0 to SQL Server 6.5 (SP4) over ODBC? 
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 Which drivers for Access 7.0 to SQL Server 6.5 (SP4) over ODBC?
Forgive the multiple posting, but I'm not sure this is an ODBC, SQL Server
or Access question...

Just what (and where) are the latest ODBC drivers to be used for an Access
7.0 client app (NT 3.51 SP4) to a SQL Server 6.5 SP4 server (NT 4.0 SP3)?

I thought the "Desktop Drivers" (3.4 or ?) were the right ones, until I read
the KB article:

INF: Desktop Drivers Not Meant For Access or DAO
Article ID: Q154643

Now, I'm even more confused... help!

David Thom

Mon, 01 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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