Comparing tables to tables(????) 
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 Comparing tables to tables(????)

Does anyone know of a way in Microsoft SQL Server to compare one table
to another where the two tables are dissimliar. I.E.

The Wants table is representative of the Input Criteria Table.  Each row
of the Wants table represents one Criteria for the Where statement, ie.:

 WHERE Server.Author LIKE "Brown*" AND Server.Title LIKE "Dog Days in

The next row in the Wants Table may not have an Author, or it may not
have a Title.  In addition, there will be more criteria used later, so
the chances of a given record containing the same criteria fields as the
last one is slim to none.

The only way the "Table as WHERE Criteria" method might help is by
pregrouping all similarly structured rows in the Wants Table, ie., all
rows that have values in the Title, Illustrator, Publisher, and Date
fields, for instance, with another grouping example being Author, Title,
Condition, Price.

Once again, *every* example I have ever seen is using a single input
criteria (the criteria may be complex, but it is a single instance) or
if it does address multiple rows in the criteria, it does so with an "="
sign (usually applied to a key field or a field with a date or some
other value such as an employee name).  We need to use the LIKE operator
since we won't often be given the entire Author or Title, and so many of
the "=" type operations are not usable.

We are comparing a want of different authors/titles to a database of
books. The authors/titles as input may not be equal to what is on the
server database. We would like to match whole tables if this is

Thank you,
Andrew Gutterman
UBIX Corporation

Sat, 02 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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