ListAvailableSQLServers, local network segment?, network-visible server? 
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 ListAvailableSQLServers, local network segment?, network-visible server?

When I run command osql -L I don't see a complete list of
all SQL servers which are running. The ones which are
being not shown in the output can be connected via OSQL.
Does anyone have a clue why doesn't OSQL -L command yield
those non-visible servers.

The same behaviour is exhibited by ListAvailableSQLServers
method of application object in SQLDMO. MSDN online
mentions, "The ListAvailableSQLServers method returns a
NameList object that enumerates network-visible instances
of Microsoft? SQL ServerT 2000." Please note the word
network-visible. Does anyone have a clue how to make an
existing server visible on the network? Is it possible or

Go to the the link on

It uses the phrase local network segment. It mentions, "By
using SQL Server Distributed Management Objects (SQLDMO),
all running SQL Servers on a local network segment can be

What's a local network segment? Is it possible for SQL
server instance to be seen by other network segements? If
yes, then how? I hope some setting is there in SQL Server
or some other workaround?

Thanks and regards

Sat, 25 Dec 2004 15:09:18 GMT
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