Problems with different schemas in ORACLE 
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 Problems with different schemas in ORACLE

I'm using MSOLAP as analytical tool taking data from Oracle database. We
have several identical table structures in Oracle under different schemas.
Each schema is used for different department of the company. I created the
database in MSOLAP while connected to schema let's say MOL1. Then I needed
to get some statistics from MOL4 schema using the same MSOLAP database. The
problem was that MOL1 schema is used as prefix for each used table. Only
what I could do was to replace tables in dimensions and cube definitions. So
I used "replace" and I replaced for example MOL1.ORDER to MOL4.ORDER. This I
had to do for each dimension and table used in our database. It is quite
complicated and in some cases it is not possible at all. When for example I
use virtual dimensions it is not possible at all. Is there any convenient
way to do it? For example to specify table without Schema prefix and to
change schema only when connecting to the database?
Thank you very much

Fri, 08 Apr 2005 19:27:55 GMT
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