Estimated Exec Time & Query Governor 
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 Estimated Exec Time & Query Governor

We have the "query governor cost limit" option in place. When you go over
the limit, it tells you how long it estimates the query will take.

Two questions:

Is there a way to configure sql server to log or notify when the estimated
or actual execution time is a certain value (e.g., ten seconds less than the

Is there a way to get at the time estimate SQL Server is using? You can show
stats time in QA to get actual time of a query that's already run, but how
can a stored procedure be programmed to detect and report that the query
it's about to execute is at or approaching the limit?

(The trouble is that a query can run fine for months, then when enough data
accumulates, suddenly you're over the limit and things start breaking.)

Thanks all.

Sat, 28 Jun 2003 02:34:14 GMT
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