Access 97 ODBC to SQL 6.5/Sp4 error 3156 
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 Access 97 ODBC to SQL 6.5/Sp4 error 3156

We've been having intermittent problems with our Access 97 ODBC connection
to SQL Server during certain operations, specifically a delete.  We get the
following error: "3156 - ODBC--delete on a linked table

In my Access 97 code, I'm executing the line of code:

DoCmd.RunSQL "DELETE FROM EDI_ShipmentsProcessedTemp"

The script to create the "EDI_ShipmentsProcessedTemp" table is:

CREATE TABLE dbo.EDI_ShipmentsProcTemp (
 AR_IVC_NO varchar (6) NOT NULL ,
 BatchID int NULL ,

If I go into the linked table manually, then select all the records and
press the DELETE button, I can delete them.

-Our SQL Server 6.5 has SP4 installed.
-Our ODBC driver on the client machine is version 2.65.0252 using named
SQLSVR32.DLL dated 6/16/97.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Jeremy T. Goemaat
SteelWorks, Inc. 800-383-7414 X 234

Sun, 21 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT
 Access 97 ODBC to SQL 6.5/Sp4 error 3156


When you linked the table did you specify AR_IVC_NO and LN_NO as a key to
Access?  You need that for delete access.  Is there any other users using
the table when you try to delete records from it?


Mon, 22 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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