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 Turn off logging

You _really_ do not want to do this.

First, no, you can't turn off logging.

Second, even if you could, you'd be{*filter*} your data way out on a limb
every single time you so much as ran a select query.

Transactions are logged so that (amongst other things), if something like a
power failure, system crash, etc., interrupted a transaction before it
completes, the database can restore the data to the state it was in before
the transaction began.

Ignoring the common example of (say) a bank transfer transaction failing at
mid-point, consider the case of simply inserting rows in a table. At a
minimum -- even with Select Into/Bulk Copy enabled -- SQL Server has to log
extent allocations (allocations of disk space to the table) so if the Select
Into/BCP fails, it can properly restore the table to its original extents.
If it were possible to completely turn off logging, you started a BCP
operation, and it failed for any reason, the entire table -- and possibly
system tables as well -- would be corrupted. That's a great price to pay,
and most folks consider the minor performance penalty well worth the
protection logging affords.

We must know. We shall know.
   -- David Hilbert


>Is there a way to turn logging off for all my transactions?  I know
>I can check "select into/bulk copy", but would this apply to
>everything?  Can this be done via t-sql?  Thanks, Michelle Turner

Sun, 23 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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