I need a little help in SQL 2000 Server 
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 I need a little help in SQL 2000 Server

Hi there,

I wonder if anyone could help me in a subject relationated with sql
server 2000. I'm trying to import a text file with the tool
"import/export" but when it comes the last part of the all process it
gives the following error: "error at source for row number 15907 too
many columns found in the currente row; non white-space characters
were found after the last defined columns's data".

I've already look at microsoft tech and found this document:
http://www.***.com/ ;en-us;301060

In this document says to workaround doing the following:
1. use the bulk copy program(bcp) or bulk insert statement to import
the data into a SQL Server table
2. use the microsoft text driver to specify the source text file
3. make either of the following motifications to the text to cause the
import winzard complete successfully:
        3.1. add or delete a character in any row or column of the
text file
        3.2 add or delete a row anwhere between row 1 and row (which
give the error) in the text file

What do you advice?... I've already try to follow this points above
but without success... :(

In this all process I've got a script that is already made in vbscript
that gets the todays file.
i.e. Today is Sunday, so the script will get the following file:

So the process that I'm trying to do must be an automatic proccess to
get today's file.

I hope someone could help me on this subject.

Best Regards

Thu, 10 Nov 2005 22:06:13 GMT
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