DB Library Error SQL Server Connection Timed Out 
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 DB Library Error SQL Server Connection Timed Out

We have several workstations connecting to a SQL Server via ODBC attached
tables in MS Access 95.

Each workstation was working fine, then one day, they all started crashing.
If a user opens one of the Access databases, Access hangs and they have to
reboot there workstation.  Strangely, this also causes the SQL Server to
fall down.  Every subsequent operation on the SQL Server database, from a
Workstation or the Server causes the above error in the NT Event Log:
    DB Library Error SQL Server Connection Timed Out

You need to look in the Event Log, because nothing else related to the SQL
Server works until the Server is rebooted.

I am not sure at the moment, from which angle to attack this particular
problem.  Is it ODBC, the Network, SQL Server, NT?

The setup is as follows:

    NT 3.51
    SQL Server 6.0 (named pipes)
    Novell Netware is NOS

    MS Access 95
    ODBC 3.0

A few pointers:
    We have had to up the MAX_USER_CONNECTIONS to 128 even though
    there are never more than 5 concurrent users.

    There are hundreds of messages in the Event Log re: Licensing:
        No SQL Server licence exists for ...
        No NT Server licence exists for ...

The really strange thing, is that we have a development replica of this
system which has never had a problem, and another production setup which
also runs fine.


ATLAS Travel Technologies

Tue, 29 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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