SQL Server 2000 SP2 and Deadlock Reporting Problem Not Fixed? 
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 SQL Server 2000 SP2 and Deadlock Reporting Problem Not Fixed?

It was reported that SQL Server 2000 SP2 (which we have installed and
tested) was supposed to address incorrect reporting of deadlocks by the
Profiler (see FIX: Deadlock Information Reported with SQL Server 2000
Profiler Is Incorrect (Q282749) at
http://www.***.com/ ;EN-US;q282749&GSSNB=1)

We have tested this from both SP1 and SP2 clients against our SP2 server,
but still experience the same old problems.

Can anyone else verify the problem (you can easily see the problem in
Profiler if you only see 2 DeadlockChain events and one of the SPIDs is

Thanks to anyone who can check this.


Sat, 22 May 2004 04:21:22 GMT
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