Strange ODBC problem (link server) 
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 Strange ODBC problem (link server)


I made a Linked Server to an ODBC data source.  When I query against it, I
got errors related to Deleted rows...

When I use OpenRowSet to query against it, I got records back, but most of
the rows are blanks...

When I use DTS to copy the table over, it copies fine.

When I use Access 97/2000 to link to them via ODBC, I can see the record

I can see the potential problem to the the OLE DB Provider for ODBC.  Both
Linked server and OpenRowset method access tables via this provider, but the
others DTS and Access use straight ODBC...

My question, can I use straight ODBC with Linked Server or OpenRowset...



Fri, 04 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT
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