SQL Server super slow when Novell Client For Netware is installed on client PC 
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 SQL Server super slow when Novell Client For Netware is installed on client PC

Hi All,

I am currently have the following problem where my calls
to the SQL Server 2000 is super slow if I have "Novell
Client for Netware" installed on my client PC.  My setup
is as follows:

Running a W2K Server with SQL Server 2000 installed on
it.  On my client machine I am running W2K Professional
with "Novell Client For Netware" installed on it.  I can't
remove "Novell Client For Netware" as I need access to my
Novell Network.

The problem is that when my application tries to connect
to SQL Server, it is very very very slow.   If I remove
the "Novell Client For Netware" from the client machine
then it speeds up and it can communicate with the SQL
Server with no problems.  With the "Novell Client For
Netware" installed, it can still communicate but it slows
down about 10 times or more.

My application uses ADO and OLE/DB to communicate with SQL
Server and I am using MDAC Version 2.6.

The client and server machines both have TCP/IP and
IPX/SPX network protocols installed for SQL Server.  
Initially, when SQL Server was installed on the Client and
Server they had Named Pipes and TCP/IP protocols installed
by default, but my application could not communicate until
I added the IPX/SPX protocol on the client machine's SQL

The following document from MS describes a slow connection
problem when using MDAC 2.6 and IP address instead of the
machine name (which we need to do because of our Novell
Network Setup), however, it doesn't seem to be exactly
this problem, since it suggests that this problem should
be occuring regardless of whether the novell drivers are
installed or not, which is not true in my case:

I would really appreciate any help or insight that anyone
can provide.


Sat, 23 Oct 2004 06:16:02 GMT
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