Connection failure and timeouts 
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 Connection failure and timeouts

I am desperate. Our client machines (Mix of 98 and W2K)
connect to SQL2000 server. Most of the time, all is well.
If we try to run a rather large process (800 records
culled from 65,000 records with most of the CPU time done
on the client machine) my other clients will get time-out
errors or Connection problems. Now, the specifics:

There are only 45 clients.
Server is a W2K Server (SP2) running SQL2000; 1Gh PIII;
512mgs RAM
Running NetGear FS524 switches (5x 24 port each)

My question is: Why?

I have set Client connection limit to 0 (Unlimited)
Set connection timeout to 0 (unlimited)
Set max # of threads to 2400

Have no clue!! Killing me...please help.


Sat, 22 May 2004 06:04:31 GMT
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