Tired...Frustrated..Confused...Please Help 
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 Tired...Frustrated..Confused...Please Help

Here is what I have:
    1. MS SQL Server 6.5(sp4)
    1. MS Access 97 Front-End
    6000+ Records that need to get from Access Front-End table into an
SQL Server Table.

  After having Access Time-out a bunch of times, I set the Property of
the query that was doing the insertion so that the timeout will never
happen (TimeOut=0)...The query still timed out...so I kicked the tower,
punched the monitor and chewed on the mouse cord...this didn't help
either but I felt a bit better!
 Next I loaded up SQL- Trace and watched everything as I re-ran
everything.   It was at this point that I noticed that the records were
all going in just fine until row number 3965, the SQL Trace stopped here
for several minutes then Access TimedOut again.  I then went into the
access table and deleted rows 3964-3968. I then re-ran the whole thing
and it crapped out again at row number 3965, same row, different data.
So I start thinking what the heck is going wrong??!!   I then went in
and deleted all the rows past 3964 and re-ran the query. Voil, the rows
all got appended into the SQL Server table. However the SQL Server table
was truncated at the very begining of all this so that the Identity
column would start at 1,  The Identity column started at 65000ish.
Yuck!!  I clean up everything, I compact the Access Database, I truncate
all the tables in SQL Server and check to make sure that every table is
empty, I truncate the log file.  Then  I re-run everything...As long as
I don't have more than 3965 records in the Access table every thing
works according to plan. If I try for 3966...BOOM!!

Here are my questions.
1. How can I get all 6000+  records into my SQL database?
2. Why does the Identity column still increment if no data is being
3. What the Heck am I encountering with SQL server? (a buffer problem,
log size? what?)

Any suggestions/comments/offers of coinage would be greatly appreciated
as I am about ready to crawl under my desk and pull the blankets over my

Mon, 02 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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