Temporary Table already exists 
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 Temporary Table already exists

Error Message: There is already an object named '#rsTmp'
in the database.

My code checks for any active connections as one of the
first steps and closes them.  So why would it still be


TmpSelect = "Select Mast.fsono, Item.fline Into #rsTmp
From Mast, Item Where Upper(Mast.fSono) Between '001408'
AND '001408' AND Upper(Mast.fSono) = Upper

With cmdTmp
    .ActiveConnection = cnClient  'Client-side connection
    .CommandText = TmpSelect
    .CommandType = adCmdText
End With

Fri, 04 Jun 2004 05:38:25 GMT
 Temporary Table already exists

Could be you're reusing a pooled connection.  You could try adding SQL to
check for the existence of the temp table and drop it if it shows up before
the select ... into, like this:

TmpSelect = "if object_id('tempdb..#rsTmp') is not null drop table
#temptable Select Mast.fsono, Item.fline Into #rsTmp... "

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Fri, 04 Jun 2004 10:46:04 GMT
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