passing a string parameter in ADO command 
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 passing a string parameter in ADO command

I was doing the following code, I tried to excute a stored
procedure with an input string in ADO. when I do the
execute, the error comes out. I don't know why. If I set
everything with an integer, then it works fine. I suspect
I did something wrong with the string. Could anybody help
me this? Thank you.

        TCHAR buf[size];
        VARIANT vtXMLDoc;
        vtXMLDoc.vt = VT_BSTR;
        CComBSTR bstrTmp(buf);
        vtXMLDoc.bstrVal = (BSTR)bstrTmp;

        pPrm->Type = adWChar;
        pPrm->Size = bufsize;
        pPrm->Direction = adParamInput;
        pPrm->Value  = vtXMLDoc;

        pRst = pCmd->Execute(NULL,NULL,adCmdStoredProc);

Mon, 09 Feb 2004 06:27:40 GMT
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