joined dynamic filters VS dynamic filters [mergerepl] 
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 joined dynamic filters VS dynamic filters [mergerepl]


Joined dynamic filters seem to take forever to process on the server
compared to normal dynamic filters.... I notice it doesnt use bcp for init
snapshot, like non-filtered repl

theres only about 7 tables 300K rows each...
I indexed the filtered row on each one...

I have 5 laptops on the lan, doing the initial sync, doing all 5 at once
bogs down the server, + just one takes hours.... why is it so slow??

Non-joined dynamic filters at least finish with in the hour...

what else can I do to speed things up? diff indexes? etc...

server:    dual Piii500, 256MB ECC RAM

Scott Kramer

Mon, 13 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT
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