image field from stored procedure vs view vs table 
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 image field from stored procedure vs view vs table

Hi --

I posted a similar question in the crystal forum but this may be a more
apporpriate place.

I have a SQL Server 7 database with a table containing an image field. I
have stored several tiffs in this table. When I tried to create a crystal
reports (8) report I ran into a problem.

Because of the way things are setup here we write a stored procedure to
access all reports, and use it as a singular source for the report. Merely
using crystal to lay things out. When I did this, Crystal gave me a "Not
Supported" message when I added the image field to the report.

If I used the table itself, or a view of the table as the source to the
report then the image comes through fine.

QUESTION: What si the difference between selecting an image field from a
Stored Procedure vs a View vs Table Name?

QUESTION: How can I get around this?

 Thanks in advance

-- Bradley

Sun, 26 Oct 2003 20:11:27 GMT
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