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 SQL Server 7.0 Upgrade Wizard

Hi Gary,

it the 6.5 server or the 7.0 server? Perhaps run:

EXEC xp_msver


although, xp_msver unfortunately (IMHO) doesn't return the box's Net BIOS
name <g>.

Also (in no particular order, and some of the following is of dubious
quality <g>), make sure:
The SQL Server services' startup accounts have full control of
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSSQLServer (and its subkeys)
The SQL Server services' startup accounts have full control of the
folder(s) where the database devices reside (and full control upon those
devices AKA files).
One the archive attribute (a folder Property) is checked for the Mssql\binn
and Mssql7\binn folders
If first seeing a message that "databases are not recovered yet" then
please inspect the active 6.5 errorlog ( 'Mssql\log\errorlog.') to verify
that you see a logged 'recovery complete' message before attempting to
Use sp_helplogins to ensure the sp_defaultdb for the sa account is set to
master (and opposed to a user database)
Make sure there are no advanced entries (or Aliases) within the Client
Network Utility (the CNU that is upon the box where the upgrade wizard is
being run). You can temporarily cut and paste such entries into Notepad
(but these CNU entries may instead not be worth putting back after the
upgrade<g>).  Also make sure the default Net-Library is Named Pipes


Bill Hollinshead
Microsoft, SQL Server

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Sun, 15 May 2005 03:09:17 GMT
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