Help deciphering sp_cursoropen 
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 Help deciphering sp_cursoropen

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Sat, 28 Feb 2004 20:23:40 GMT
 Help deciphering sp_cursoropen

The last place I saw this broken down is in an MSPress book titled "Inside
ODBC".  It's old, but it seems the implementation of this and other data
acces catalog stored procs in SQL Server haven't changed much (a trace of an
ADO app using the OLE DB Provider for SQL Server 2000 shows the same
parameters as the old ODBC book).  This along with sp_cursorfetch and
sp_cursorclose are a result of opening a server-side cursor which is handled
by SQL Server by creating a keyset table in tempdb.  Here are the parameters
from the book:

sp_cursoropen(cursor, stmt, scrollopt, ccopt, rows)

cursor is a handle mapped to the hstmt for the statement and used for
sp_cursorfetch, sp_cursorclose and sp_cursor (if any) calls

stmt is the SQL from the client

scrollopt is the cursor type (keyset, dynamic, forward only, or static)

ccopt is the concurrency option (read only, lock, etc.)

rows returns the number of rows in the result set if the number is available
as with a result that is sorted with ORDER BY

Sun, 29 Feb 2004 02:36:19 GMT
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