HELP!! Cube access 
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 HELP!! Cube access

Hi I have users that have access to cubes and are trying
to refresh data in pivot tables and are getting Errors
saying that they can't find the cube because either teh
cube has changed ot they don't have permissions. I am
running SQl Server 2000 the client has Windows 2000 with
office XP. if I add them to the "domain admins" group in
NT they work great. Could they need file level rights? I
have no SQL DB rights given to the Domain admins group.
They also have rights to the cubes (cube roles)
I don't want to leave them in the "domain admins" group.
Does anyone have a solution????

Sat, 22 May 2004 04:59:46 GMT
 HELP!! Cube access

Please define some roles in Analysis Services, and grant necessary
permissions to the domain accounts for accessing.

Roles are used to control end users' access to cube data while they are
connected to the Analysis server with client applications. Each role
definition includes a list of Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or Microsoft
Windows?2000 user accounts and groups and specifies the types and scope of
access they are allowed.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services includes the following types of

Database roles
Defined at the Analysis Services database level, a database role can be
assigned to multiple cubes in the database, thereby granting the role's
users access to these cubes. Such an assignment creates a cube role with
the same name as the database role. A database role provides defaults for
cube roles of the same name. For more information, see Database Roles.

Cube roles
Created at the cube level when a database role is assigned to a cube, a
cube role applies to only that cube. Defaults in a cube role are derived
from the database role of the same name, but some of these defaults can be
overridden in the cube role. A cube role contains additional options such
as cell security that are not contained in a database role. For more
information, see Cube Roles.

You can exercise great flexibility in granting both read and read/write
access to portions of cubes. You can specify which dimension members and
cube cells a role can view and update. For more information, see Dimension
Security and Cell Security.

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William Chen

Fri, 28 May 2004 15:03:18 GMT
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