Announcing SQL-Programmer 2.2 
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 Announcing SQL-Programmer 2.2

Announcing SQL-Programmer 2.2
The complete development environment for SQL programmers

Highlights - What's New in Version 2.2

Released January 30, 1998, SQL-Programmer 2.2 enhances
productivity for database developers and administrators.
They can now create higher quality applications, find and
fix bugs faster, and better manage information critical
to organization's business.

Personal Work Folders
Personal Work Folders enable programmers to dramatically
reduce the time and effort they normally spend on project
work.  Now they can select the program prototypes or table
column information they need, store them in Work Folders,
and drag and drop these objects into their SQL code as
needed.  All the information on a particular project is
thus stored in one place for quick access and recall--as
many times as required.

This system of organizing not only makes it easier
to create, debug, and test scripts and programmable
objects, but also far less bug prone.  Thus, Work Folders
provide a quick, easy way to build and share a knowledge
base of objects, information, and programming templates
for various tasks and projects.  (The Personal Work
Folders can be used with any application that supports
OLE drag and drop.)

Version Control
SQL-Programmer 2.2 provides an interface to three version
control systems: Microsoft's SourceSafe, Intersolv's
PVCS, and now MKS Source Integrity providing automatic
version control of all programmable objects on any
connected database engine, with a complete revision
history.  This feature of SQL Programmer gives database
programmers control over application quality and delivery
for complex enterprise team environments.

Need more information? Please contact us at:
Tel: 1-800-567-9127 or (819) 778-5045, Ext. 152
Fax: (819) 778-7943

website http://www.***.com/

SQL-Programmer works with ORACLE, SYBASE and MICROSOFT
SQL Server

Sylvain Faust Inc. (SFI)
A Decade of Delivering SQL Solutions, 1988-1998

Copyright 1992-1998 Sylvain Faust Inc. SQL-Programmer is
a registered trademark of Sylvain Faust Inc.  Other
product names herein have been used for identification
purposes only, and may be trademarks and/or registered
trademarks of their respective companies.

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