Maint Plan: automatic removal of backup file 
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 Maint Plan: automatic removal of backup file

In a maintenance plan, can specify how many days to keep
backup files for a database backup.  Backup files older
than that number of days are deleted.  A couple of times
of the past 2 years this automatic deletion function has
seemingly turned itself off.  The only way I could remedy
this was to make some change to the maintenance plan and
re-save.  Then the automatic deletion would work again.

A week ago this happened and I re-saved the maintenance
plan which remedied the situation.  However, today I
noticed that of the 12 databases being backed up, only 9
had their "old" backup files automatically deleted.

This SQL Server is v7.0 with SP3 running on Win 2000.  

Any ideas on this?

Tue, 27 Sep 2005 15:53:51 GMT
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