adodb transactions with sql server7.0 
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 adodb transactions with sql server7.0

hi guys
Im using an asp page for writing data to the db. The site calls several
select and insert statemants which depends on another. To make sure that I
cant get inconsistent data I use the Transaction method of the adodb
connection method (connection.begintrans). When I call the second insert
statement Ive got the sql error message:
Microsoft OLE DB-Provider fr SQL Server- Fehler '80004005'

Da der manuelle oder verteilte Transaktionsmodus aktiviert ist, kann keine
neue Verbindung erstellt werden.

Since the manual or distributed transaction mode is activated, no new
connection can be created.
any idea why this happen?

Sat, 28 Feb 2004 19:14:13 GMT
 adodb transactions with sql server7.0

Running multiple commands in the same session, meeting the criteria
mentioned in the "Symptoms" section of the following article, causes
SQLOLEDB to open a new connection. This causes the error message you
received. The article recommends using a server-side or client-side cursor
other than a forward-only or read-only cursor.

Q272358 PRB: SQLOLEDB Allows Only One Connection in Scope of Transaction

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Sun, 29 Feb 2004 23:37:53 GMT
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