Problems connecting to SQL Server 6.5 SP4 via ODBC 3.50.0305 Driver 
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 Problems connecting to SQL Server 6.5 SP4 via ODBC 3.50.0305 Driver

I have tried to connecting to my SQL database using both User and System
DSNs. I know that the DSNs are configured correctly (since the same
configuration works from other NT boxes); however, from one particular
machine, with every attempt to log on, I am met with a second dialog,
prompting me to "Select a Data Source." The troublesome machine is an NT
Server 4.0 with Visual InterDev, Visual C++, and Visual Basic 5.0. It is
running IIS 4.0 and IE 4.71.1712.2 with little else. I have patched Visual
InterDev with the Visual Studio Service Release 1. I know of another person,
however, that has the same problem on an NT4.0 Workstation, with the same
version SQL Server Driver, but only SP1 on their SQL Server.

I patched SQL Server with SP4, hoping that this would solve the
problem--which it
did not. I also added the MDACSQL.exe, to no avail. Does anyone know of some
new behavior, introduced with the release of v3.50 SQL Server Driver, that
resembles my problem?



Tue, 27 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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