HELP: ODBC function to return database name and path from DataSoure Name 
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 HELP: ODBC function to return database name and path from DataSoure Name


> Hi all,
>     I would like to know if there is a function or an easy way to retrive
> the Database Name and Path when you know the given configured ODBC Data
> Source name.  For example, I if have a Data Source name EmployeeDB
> configured in ODBC32 in the Control Panel, how can I figure out the database
> name and path?  This could be an Access, Excel, etc data source.  Thanks for
> all your help.

You may be able to retrieve the database name (after connecting to the data source)
using SQLGetInfo(SQL_DATABASE_NAME), but the value returned is entirely dependent on the
individual ODBC driver. There is no standard way to retrieve path information in ODBC.
Probably, you will need to look through the registry to get this information. The format
of the path information will vary for each driver.

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Sat, 30 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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