Calc. members in alternative hierarchies.. 
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 Calc. members in alternative hierarchies..

Hi Mosha,

Thanks for your reply -  I tried your suggestion by changing
[Accounts].[Regular] to [Accounts.Regular] but it did not help. By the way -
[Accounts].[Regular] is the syntax the calculated member builder suggests
when I click on the desired member - is this a bug in the calculated member
builder ?

So the bug still remains. I tried the same formula on an AS2000 test-server
that we have, and it worked there.....So how can I get this formula working
in OLAP services ?

Another thing: Once I try to add a parent member through the calculated
member builder - I always get an error message... something like "Unable to
update the calculated member. Invalid formula member name " and then the
formula is printed - and you can see that it doesn't look correct. This
error also appears in AS2000.

It seems to me that these are bugs in the calculated member builder -
related to dimensions with several hierarchies ? I might be wrong though.
Are there any workarounds for this, using the calculated member builder.....

I would be grateful for any help.



> Did you try my suggestion from the last time to enter that formula

>  [Accounts.Regular].[All Accounts].[Sales] - [Accounts.Regular].[All
> Accounts].[Direct costs]

> I think it will do the trick

> --

Sat, 15 Nov 2003 15:05:24 GMT
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