DTS: ActiveX Script task error when using with Analysis Processing Task 
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 DTS: ActiveX Script task error when using with Analysis Processing Task

I am trying to automate the task of Processing Analysis Services Cubes.
I need to incrementally process my Cubes. Hence I  created a package
with a ActiveX script task and a Analysis Processing Task.
I tried using ActiveX script task to change the properties of a Analysis
Processing Task.

My ActiveX script is like this

Function Main()
         Dim pkg
         Dim task
         Dim props

         Dim RecentYear
         Dim RecentMonth

'I be calculating these two variables. For now I have hardcoded them

        RecentYear = 2003
        RecentMonth = '05'

        Set pkg = DTSGlobalVariables.parent
        Set task = pkg.Tasks("DTSTask_DTSOlapProcess.Task_1")
        Set props = task.Properties

        props("Filter").Value = "Testing .... "  &  RecentYear and  &

        Main = DTSTaskExecResult_Success

End Function

The ActiveX step works fine when I use "Execute Step", but when I use
"Execute Package" - the step fails and giving the following error

" Need to run the object to perform the operation
Code Execution Exception: Exception_Access_Violation "

With some debugging, the could guess that the error is occuring at

        Set task = pkg.Tasks("DTSTask_DTSOlapProcess.Task_1")

I even tried using the example given in BOL. The same error occurs.
Anyone know how to avoid it.

Any other approach for my automation will also be helpful.

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Mon, 07 Nov 2005 16:36:37 GMT
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