Db Library error No SQl server connected to query 
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 Db Library error No SQl server connected to query

We are starting to see this error at a couple of our sites. We also have
several sites that work just fine. They are in our application (in a
variety of places) and all of sudden the error pops up, they have to get
out of the application and back in. One office was running NETDDE, they
removed it and almost all of their errors went away. What should I be
looking for....what other network traffic disrupts SQL pipes ? We have
swapped out NICs and anaylized the networks, things are clean. We run
SQL 6.0 SP2 on NT3.51 SP5. Workstations are Win 95 using net library
(named pipes to talk to SQL)The Win 95 network settings are as follows:
Client for Microsoft Networks
Tab Name        Settings
General         Network Logon Options: Quick Logon
                Not checked: Log on to Windows NT domain.

Intel EtherExpress 16
Tab Name        Settings
Driver Type     Enhanced mode (32 bit & 16 bit) NDIS driver
Bindings        NetBEUI
Advanced        Property:                    Value:
                I/O Channel Ready (16 bit):  Late
                I/O Channel Ready (32 bit):  Late
                Transceiver Type:            Twisted Pair

Tab Name        Settings
Bindings        Client for Microsoft Network
                File/printer sharing for Microsoft Networks
Advanced                Property:               Value:
                        Maximum Sessions:       52
        Checked:   x  Set this protocol to be the default protocol.

File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks
Tab Name        Settings
Advanced        Property:       Value:
                Browse Master:  Disabled
                LM Announce:    No

Primary Network Logon   Client for Microsoft Networks.  

File And Print Sharing  File and printer sharing enable.
Access Control Tab  Share-level access control check box.

Any suggestions on what might be breaking the SQL pipe would greatly be

Tue, 09 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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