DTS and large loads/imports to SQL7/6.5 (800 Mb) 
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 DTS and large loads/imports to SQL7/6.5 (800 Mb)

Hi there,

anyone had "Unspecified Error" while loading large, >3.000.000 rows (800
Mb), from an AS/400 to SQL through a DTS on a 7.0 server?

The story goes something like this:
Each night a large load from several, 15, files in a AS/400 shall load into
a database in the SQL 7 server.
The load consist of roughly 30 steps, containing:
"Delete at the target"
"lnsert at the target" (a transfer/temp DB)
CHECKPOINT and DBCC CHECKDB and Truncate of Logs (Since SQL doesn't remove
the log by itself?!)
Start of a huge storeproc (roughly 500 lines of code) that normalizies the
Transfer db at the same time as it inserts the data in the "Final Db".
Running time approx 4-6 hours.

The step "Inserts at the Target" encounters errors, at different files, at
different time while running. It doesn't matter if it is on schedule or
manually. This shows that there in NOT a problem with authentication. The
servers commits more memory that available, but doesn't report lack of
virtual memory. Can the server get the different steps mixed?

I use Walldata ODBC 32-bit drivers and TCP/IP (100 Mb), latest SP on alls

Anyone got a suggestion/advice?


Mon, 11 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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