Copy permissions from user/group to different user/group 
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 Copy permissions from user/group to different user/group
Is there an easy way to copy all the permissions on views/tables/sps
from one user or role to a different user/role?

Thomas Schoch
Thomas Schoch
Elephant Software AG

Tue, 18 May 2004 15:48:58 GMT
 Copy permissions from user/group to different user/group

The easiest way is to create groups, and assign users to those groups.  Grant permissions to the groups instead of the users.  Voila, this makes it easy!

Short of that, you can easily query the system tables to find the permissions that a given user has.  This would allow you to write a simple stored procedure that would "clone" one users permissions to another user.



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Tue, 18 May 2004 23:23:06 GMT
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