upgrade hangs, causing stack overflow... 
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 upgrade hangs, causing stack overflow...

Can you post the exact message from the errorlog along with the stack dump?
I would suggest calling PSS and working with them to resolve this

Shri Anandpura

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| Hi, I encountered this problem when upgrade SQL7 to 2000.
| I got the same error at my second try. My SQL7 box stores
| all data files on E drive and all tran-log files on F
| drive, for both system db and user db. The upgrade hangs
| and have to end task. The SQL error log indicates that the
| upgrade is looking for mastlog.ldf on E while it is
| actually on D, and followed by the stack overflow error.
| Has anyone seen this before? How to work this out??
| Thanks a lot!

Fri, 24 Sep 2004 23:20:09 GMT
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