SQL memory usage question 
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 SQL memory usage question

Hi there.  I wonder if some more experienced people
can offer suggestions on how to tame SQL's memory
usage when dealing with large DBs.

We have multiple databases and tables, but one of them
in particular is large compared to the others.  It is a table
with 100,000 records and 10 columns.  Most of the data
is varchar because there are a lot of address and name
fields.  The whole DB file that contains this table is only
40MB, yet when I open the table in Enterprise Manager
system RAM used goes from 120MB to 240MB, and
the CPU goes to 100% utilization.  Is SQL configured
improperly, or is it natural for a 100,000 record table
to use over 100MB RAM just to open?

Francesco Sanfilippo

Internet Developer,
NT/SQL Administrator,

Sun, 05 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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