ODBC Error SQL 6.5/Access 97 
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 ODBC Error SQL 6.5/Access 97

 We keep getting the following errors when using Access 97 with SQL Server

ODBC  update on a linked table <table> failed. (Error 3157)
*  What causes the link to drop when you are connected to the DB?  Is there
some settings that need to be adjusted?

ODBC call failed. (Error 3146)
* I have seen this posted in the News Group, and it seems to be a fairly
popular error.  Does anyone have any Ideas where we can get more information
on how to narrow down the problem?

Reserved error <Item>; there is no message for this error. (Error 3000)
*  This is another error description that does tell us a whole lot.  It also
returns different neg. numbers like:
Are these of any significance?  Does anyone know where we can look to get
more information on the reserved errors?

Any information/resources or direction would be greatly appreciated.


Wed, 05 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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