Getting an Error.. stack overflow dump not possible 
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 Getting an Error.. stack overflow dump not possible

Hello all, Let me Explain the Scenario in detail to u all
I have a Database PrimaryDB ..
I took a Backup of it..

In another machine where SQL server is installed ....
I went to Enterprise manager and Tried creating the new Database with my
existing backup of primary DB.
I got an error saying..

Unicode comparision style code differ between the databases ...hence
restoring is not possible..

I tried to set the value of Unicode Comparision style of Primarydb to
the new DB using sp_configure.. and i was successfull.

but when i restarted the service, I am getting an error..STACK OVERFLOW

What to do now.. ?
Please provide  me suggestions/work arounds..

Thanks and Regards

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Wed, 27 Apr 2005 20:07:05 GMT
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