DTS with SQL 7.0 Desktop and SQL 7.0 Enterprise 
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 DTS with SQL 7.0 Desktop and SQL 7.0 Enterprise

We have been developing using SQL 7 Desktop on NT Server 4.0

We brought a new (production) server running SQL 7 Enterprise on NT Server
Enterprise 4.0

We want to put our development data onto the production server, to include
tables, repository data, indexes, and OLAP cubes... and figured DTS was the
best way to accomplish this.

Unfortunately, we found that we can't use DTS to transfer data from our
development platform to the new production server.

One solution... to blow away the development box and install NT Server
Enterprise... won't work because we have a mainframe emulation package that
takes about 2 weeks to properly configure.

Microsoft has provided few palatable options.

We would appreciate hearing from the experts on this quandary.

Thank you!

Mon, 08 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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