OpenLink Introduces New Virtual Database Engine with Support For Informix 
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 OpenLink Introduces New Virtual Database Engine with Support For Informix

||| OpenLink Unleashes Virtual Database Technology for Internet & Intranet
Solutions |||

Burlington, MA - October 21st, 1998, - OpenLink Software, Inc., a leading
provider of Universal Data Access Middleware technology announces the long
anticipated release of "OpenLink Virtuoso?". This new Virtual Database
Engine will enable disparate backend databases to be viewed, updated, and
manipulated from a single source known as the "Virtual Database". Virtuoso
supports a variety of standards based data access mechanisms such as ODBC,
JDBC?, and OLE DB as the interfaces through which its sophisticated services
are exposed.

Virtuoso addresses the increasing needs of database driven Internet and
Intranet solutions requiring transparent access to information derived from
diverse internal and external databases.

Virtuoso supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, Sybase SQL Server,
Ingres, Progress, DB/2, and other ODBC compliant database engines.

Virtuoso is also 100% standards based supporting ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB. It is
also operating system independent with support for Windows 95/98/NT, Linux,
UNIX (all flavors), with planned support for MacOS, VMS, OS400, and OS390.

"Information Systems challenges have moved beyond monolithic database or
data access middleware related issues. The Internet has changed the
landscape totally, it has made rapid Information access, processing, and
exploitation the single most important issue," said Kingsley Idehen,
President and CEO of OpenLink Software. "OpenLink Virtuoso? demonstrates the
leadership position we have taken in relation to the information access
challenges before us", he added.

OpenLink Virtuoso? is a major new addition to OpenLink Softwares rich
portfolio of industry leading Data Access Middleware products; it is
scheduled for commercial release on November 18th 1998, the public beta
release is available for download from OpenLink's web site
( http://www.***.com/ ).

Additional Information Sources:

OpenLink Virtuoso Technical White Paper:

OpenLink Software, Inc. is an industry-leading developer and deployer of
High-Performance, Secure, Universal Database Connectivity Technology,
independent of operating system, network protocol, and underlying database
engine. Its technologies adhere to key industry data access standards such
as Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), and
X/Open SQL CLI?. Additional information on OpenLink Software can be found on
the World Wide Web at http://www.***.com/ .

OpenLink Software, OpenLink Virtuoso, Universal Database Connectivity and
UDBC are trademarks of OpenLink Software, Inc. All other trademarks are the
property of their respective owners

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