Problem with the WATCOM sql (windows) .... 
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 Problem with the WATCOM sql (windows) ....

Hi there :)

I'm a student from computing and I'm trying to use the watcom sql for

windows, I found that the software is pretty good and it's giving me

all the abilities to learn the S.Q.L.

BUT, I have tried to transfer the db file that i wrote back home

to my lub at the faculty, I copied the ***.db file and the log file

for the same ***.db

But , when i'm trying to access the .db it does'nt

recognize the user and password and even when i'm access with

the "super-user" i can't see any data ot tables that i wrote !!!

If anybody know how to do it right, please send me an e-mail

Thanks a head :)

Thu, 11 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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