sql query problem 
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 sql query problem

FP2k says this query (to an ACCESS97 db)fails because of      "Too few
parameters. Expected 1."

SELECT Description, Box_Thread_Type, Pin_Thread_Type, Weco_Conn_Type,
Max_Test_Press, Pipe_Size, Special_Reqt FROM Orders
           WHERE RemCompName =
                                (SELECT RemCompName FROM Orders WHERE
Order_ID =

                                (SELECT MAX(Order_ID) FROM Orders))

I've never nested SQL 3 deep.  Order_ID is an auto-numbered index, and the
query is attempting to return all records where the field 'RemCompName'
equals the value in 'RemCompName' in the record with the highest Order_ID -
the latest entry.

Any help?


Bob NW

Wed, 04 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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