Lost Connections with MS SQL Server 
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 Lost Connections with MS SQL Server

We have started having problems with lost connections
between clients and our SQL server running MS SQL Server
Version 7.0.  The end-user will receive a message
indicating that the connection has been lost.  The exact
message will vary depending on the software being used to
connect to the server.  I've looked at the error logs in MS
SQL Server and there's no record of the event.  I've also
looked at the event viewer on the workstations and there's
nothing listed.  This is intermittent, has happened on
multiple workstations, and has happened when using Delphi
applications which connect using the Borland Database
Engine as well as when connecting through Enterprise
Manager from a workstation with the desktop version of MS
SQL Server loaded.  

The network interface card on the server was recently
replaced.  That may be related, but we can't find anything
wrong with the card.

We have a Novell Netware backbone on our network, but we're
operating in a Windows NT environment.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  

Thanks in advance,
Sheila Nelson

Sat, 15 Jan 2005 02:23:34 GMT
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