international setting for bcp no effect 
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 international setting for bcp no effect

hello world,

we are importing data into sql-server 6.5 frequently. date fields in the
imported ascii-files are formatted german-style DD/MM/YY. for this we had to
enable the "use international settings" in the "client configuratin utility"
to successfully import.

now this setting does not have any effect any more! tested against two
different sql-servers it _ALWAYS_ works from a NT-client, it _NEVER_ works
from a Win95-client, regardless what the client configuration is.

latest news from my Win95-colleague: it works from another Win95-client
after re-installing the sql-server client-softawre. still the settings under
"client configuration" have no effect.

any hints to clarify how this settings work appreciated.



Tue, 24 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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