problem with replication (i think is the setup) 
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 problem with replication (i think is the setup)

Hi everybody...

My scene:
I have 4 servers, 1 is my main server for the network (Primary DNS, DHCP,
SQL Server and other services runs there) the other 3 stands basically for
SQL Server and file sharing.

The problem is that I can't replicate the information in databases other
than those in my main server. Not for merge, not for transactional, just
snapshot and that doesn't help. The Merge and Log Agents fails reporting an
error due to the licence of SQL Server I have. I have 4 boxes pf SQL Server
7.0 Enterprise Edition with 25 client licences each and a CAL with other 80.
(We have 4 Win 2000 Server boxes)

In other newsgroups told me that switching my SQL Server licence from 'per
server' to 'per seat', when I tried to do that I found out that in the
servers where replication doesn't function the package for SQL Server
doesn't appear in the Licence Manager of Win2000 Server, I asked the network
administrator the way he installed the server he told me he used the same cd
and same cd-key in the 4 and the first server installed was the main one,
after that I found out that (again) only the main server had correct
configured it's client access licences (in the other servers the users
appear with the exclamation symbol), again the network admin told me he used
the same cd/cdkey pair to install the 4 servers (beginning with de main one)

I truly believe the reason of the problem is the installation of the
OS's/SQL Servers using the same cd/cd-key, even when the network
administrator says it shouldn't be, and that's why I posted this one.

I need to get my replicas running as soon as posible, so any help will be


Wed, 15 Sep 2004 12:25:43 GMT
 problem with replication (i think is the setup)

Is it possible that the SQL Server on all the servers other than the main
one are MDSN or Not for Resale versions. I realize that you said that they
were all installed using the same CD but the fact that SQL Server does not
show up in the Licensing Applet would indicate that this may not be so.
Using the same CD and Product Key would not cause this problem but could be
a licensing violation if you do not have the appropriate SQL Server
licenses for all 4 machines. You can run the following from Query Analyzer
connected to one of the SQL Servers where replication does not run and
compare the output from one that does:

This will tell you the exact version of SQL Server you are using.

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Tue, 21 Sep 2004 02:53:19 GMT
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