How to insert non-Unicode CJK string to SQL with DBLIB if SQL default 
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 How to insert non-Unicode CJK string to SQL with DBLIB if SQL default

If the SQL's default language (set up in the installation) is CJK, there
is no problem to insert ANSI CJK string.

However, when the SQL default language is English (non-CJK), I can
insert ANSI CJK string with the Query Analyzer,
but if I use DBLibrary to do so, the data becomes garbage.

(It looks conversion has been taken place. I guess SQL server
(server-side) instead of the DBLibrary (client-side) doing the
conversion with the default English collate. So isn't even if the symbol
'N' is NOT added, SQL always encodes non-unicode string to it target
non-Unicode table?)

I've used DBSETLAPP(login, "Traditional Chinese") to set to the CJK
session collate but it didn't help.

I tried all the combination of the 2 options ("Using international
setting" and "Automatic ANSI to OEM conversion") in "Clinet Network
Utility" but It still didn't help!

So is there any way to change the default session collate setting to my
target collate with DBLIB in order to insert ANSI CJK string into SQL?

System Configuration:
  SQL Server 2000 installed with English collate.
  Create a table having columns of either VCHAR or CHAR inside a
CJK-collate database.

Your kind help is appreciated!

Sat, 12 Aug 2006 06:11:06 GMT
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